Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

At Pro-Handy, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of handyperson services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clientele. Recognising the essential role air conditioning plays in the tropical climate of Singapore, we’re pleased to introduce our specialised Aircon Chemical Overhaul service. In the city-state, a robust air conditioning system is indispensable, not merely a luxury. However, with time, the efficiency of these units can be compromised by the build-up of dust, bacteria, and mould, which not only reduces their performance but can also pose health risks. Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul involves an in-depth cleaning and servicing of your aircon unit, ensuring it operates at optimum efficiency for your utmost comfort.


Why Is Chemical Overhauling Of Aircons Important?

Preserving Efficiency and Performance

Chemical overhauling is crucial for maintaining the optimal functionality of aircon units. Over time, dust, grime, and pathogens accumulate within the system, significantly hindering its efficiency. By thoroughly chemical cleaning the internal components with specialized chemicals, the aircon unit’s performance is restored. This rigorous process, often referred to as a chemical overhaul, helps in preventing the gradual decline in cooling efficiency.. By thoroughly cleaning the internal components with specialized chemicals, the unit’s performance is restored. This rigorous process helps in preventing the gradual decline in cooling efficiency, ensuring the aircon operates at its optimum capacity, reducing unnecessary energy consumption, and elongating the unit’s operational life.

Ensuring Air Quality and Health Safety

Beyond performance, a chemical overhaul is essential for health and safety reasons. Aircon units are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungi, which a chemical wash eliminates, thereby safeguarding indoor air quality. This comprehensive chemical cleaning method is indispensable for ensuring the air we breathe is clean, promoting a healthier living and working environment.

Preventing Costly Breakdowns

Regular chemical overhauling is a preventive measure that saves significant repair costs in the long run. Sludge and dirt buildup can cause the air conditioning system to overwork, leading to wear on fan bearings and eventually necessitating an in-depth chemical wash. Through chemical overhauling, potential issues are identified and rectified early, thus averting sudden malfunctions and unexpected financial outlays.

Signs That an Aircon Chemical Overhaul is Required

Decline in Cooling Efficiency

When an air conditioner begins to falter in its primary function—cooling—it’s a glaring sign that a chemical overhaul might be necessary. This inefficiency often manifests as the unit operates quietly but with uneven cooling, indicating that a chemical wash of the fan evaporator coil might be necessary. Such issues typically stem from dirt and grime accumulation that a comprehensive chemical cleaning can effectively address.

Unusual Noise and Odor Emissions

An air conditioning unit that emits strange noises likely has issues with its fan bearings or other internal components, indicating the need for an aircon chemical overhaul. These signs indicate internal issues, such as parts coming loose or the growth of mold and bacteria within the system. The presence of such contaminants not only affects the performance but also compromises the indoor air quality. A chemical overhaul includes the thorough cleaning of these components, eliminating odors and allowing the mechanical parts to operate smoothly, thereby resolving noise issues.

Frequent Breakdowns and High Energy Bills

Experiencing recurrent breakdowns is a distressing sign that your aircon needs in-depth servicing. Constant repairs indicate a deeper, unresolved issue, often related to internal clogging and dirt accumulation, stressing the system and leading to frequent malfunctions. Moreover, if your energy bills are inexplicably high, it suggests that the aircon unit is overexerting due to internal blockages, reducing its efficiency. A chemical overhaul is instrumental in restoring the unit’s condition, potentially saving money on both energy consumption and future repair costs, making the aircon chemical overhaul price a worthwhile investment. The process of aircon chemical cleaning is thus a critical maintenance aspect that users should not overlook.

Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

At Pro-Handy, we take pride in offering a complete suite of aircon services in Singapore, from a meticulous Aircon Chemical Overhaul to routine aircon servicing. Our expertise extends to specialized services like aircon gas top up service and aircon chemical wash, ensuring that every aspect of your cooling needs is covered.

Dismantling Process: Before we dive into our renowned aircon chemical wash, we begin by professionally taking apart the aircon unit. This ensures that each component can be cleaned in detail, maximizing the efficacy of the service.

Chemical Cleaning: The heart of our offering is the aircon chemical overhaul service. We utilize industry-grade chemical solutions to meticulously clean integral components such as the air filter, cooling coils, blower wheel, and drain pan. This process effectively removes accumulated dirt, mold, and bacteria, refreshing the entire system.

Drainage Maintenance: Ensuring smooth airflow and preventing water leakage are integral to our service. Therefore, one of the critical stages involves a comprehensive flush of the drainage system, fortifying your unit against potential future issues.

Inspection Phase: Once the cleaning and aircon gas top up service are completed, our team in Singapore delves into a thorough inspection and diagnosis of every component. This ensures that they function at their peak, giving you the cooling relief you need.

Reinstallation and Assurance: After the rigorous cleaning, inspection, and any necessary aircon servicing, the unit is reassembled. We don’t just stop there – we carry out tests to guarantee that your aircon is operating at its optimal performance level, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

Different Types of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

At Pro-Handy, we recognise that air conditioning systems are diverse, each needing its specific level of attention. To cater to these varied needs, we present three primary Aircon Chemical Overhaul options:

Standard Overhaul: This is best suited for aircon units that have been under regular maintenance but now demand a more in-depth cleaning procedure.

Advanced Overhaul: If your unit is exhibiting symptoms like water leakage, unusual sounds, or a strange smell, our Advanced Chemical Overhaul is the answer. Beyond a detailed cleaning, it provides an all-inclusive assessment of the system’s various parts.

Premium Overhaul: For older units or those untouched for a significant time, we recommend the Premium Chemical Overhaul. This comprehensive service not only involves rigorous cleaning and servicing but also the potential replacement of certain components when deemed necessary.

Tips and Procedure for Aircon Chemical Overhaul

For the prolonged life and optimal functioning of your air conditioning system, it’s advisable to arrange an Aircon Chemical Overhaul annually. Typically, this procedure spans between 2 to 4 hours, influenced by the intricacy of the aircon system. Our team is committed to causing the least possible interference with your day-to-day activities. Rest assured, after the service, we ensure your space remains neat and orderly.

Why Choose Pro-Handy for Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services?

At Pro-Handy, we are committed to providing professional, high-quality services.


Our technicians are fully licensed, insured and have years of experience in the field.


We utilize only top-grade, environmentally friendly chemical solutions, ensuring a safe and effective cleaning process.

Competitive Service

Our transparent pricing, prompt customer service, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart.

FAQ for Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

An Aircon Chemical Overhaul is a comprehensive cleaning process where the air conditioning unit is dismantled, and its components are thoroughly cleaned with a specialized chemical solution. This service is designed to remove accumulated dust, mold, and bacteria, improving the efficiency and lifespan of your aircon unit.

We recommend having an Aircon Chemical Overhaul at least once a year. However, if your air conditioning unit is old, not regularly serviced, or experiencing issues such as water leakage, unusual noise, or a foul odor, it may require more frequent overhauls.

The procedure typically takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of your air conditioning system. However, rest assured that our team at Pro-Handy always strives to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

We provide three levels of Aircon Chemical Overhaul services. The ‘Standard’ is a deep cleaning suitable for regularly maintained units. The ‘Advanced’ includes a detailed cleaning and a comprehensive check for units with leaks or unusual noises. The ‘Premium’ is an intensive cleaning, servicing, and potentially replacing specific components for older units or those not serviced for a long time.

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