Furniture Disassembly Services Singapore

Discover the best furniture disassembly services in Singapore, offering affordable solutions for your wooden furniture needs. Our experienced team provides top-notch dismantle and disposal services, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Opt for our cheap furniture disassembly services for cost-effective assistance without compromising on quality. Trust us to handle your furniture with care, making us the go-to option for furniture disassembly in Singapore.

Furniture Disassembly Services

Why Do You Need to Hire a Furniture Disassembly Service?

Complexity of Assembly
Some pieces of such furniture, especially those with multiple parts or intricate designs, demand a higher level of expertise to be assembled correctly. When confronted with complicated instructions or unfamiliar tools, it might be time to employ furniture assembling services.

Time Constraints
If you find yourself pressed for time or would rather spend your free hours on other pursuits, employing a furniture assembly service can be a convenient solution. These assembly services experts can efficiently handle the assembly job, freeing you up for more essential activities.

Physical Limitations
Furniture assembly can sometimes be strenuous, especially when you have to oversee weighty furniture. For those who might have physical limitations or health concerns, recruiting furniture assembly services ensures the job gets done without risking personal injury.

Preservation of Warranty
Some furniture retail organizations may void their warranty if items aren’t assembled correctly. In such instances, ensuring that professionals handle the task can give peace of mind, knowing that your purchase remains protected.

In sum, while many might take pride in DIY assembly, recognizing when to employ furniture assembling services can save time, ensure safety, and maintain the value of your investments.

Furniture Disassembly Services We Offer

At Pro-Handy, our furniture disassembly service is tailored to offer comprehensive solutions for various needs. But we’re not just about taking things apart. Our furniture assembly services ensure that once your items reach their destination, they’re put back together with the same expertise and care. With us, you’re assured of first class services whether you’re seeking bed frame service, bunk beds assembly, or any other furniture solutions.


Residential Furniture

This category covers common household items such as sofas, beds, dressers, wardrobes, dining tables and more. For homeowners looking to refresh their items, in addition to our furniture assembly services, we also offer furniture painting services that can give your beloved pieces a new lease of life.


Commercial Furniture

In the business environment, we manage a range including office furniture like desks, conference tables, and filing cabinets. Moreover, when the time comes to upgrade or make changes, our furniture dismantle and disposal services ensure that everything is handled responsibly and efficiently.


Specialised Furniture

Our range doesn’t stop at the common items. We also handle unique and detailed pieces, like antique treasures, custom-built furniture, and sophisticated modular systems. Should any item no longer serve its purpose, our furniture disposal service ensures it’s managed appropriately. And if you ever need a false ceiling, you can count on our handyman service to get the job done.

Beyond disassembly and assembly, our all-rounded approach includes packing, transportation, and reassembly of your furniture wherever you desire. We strive to be the best service provider in furniture care. Further solidifying our commitment to excellence, we also offer furniture restoration and refinishing services, guaranteeing that your prized pieces are returned to their best state.

Furniture Disassembly Services

Our Procedure for Furniture Disassembly


Before we arrive, especially for those who frequently shop and invest in furniture pieces, it’s advised to refer to the guidance manual if available. Clear any personal items from your furniture and give it a clean. This not only streamlines the accurate setup process but also safeguards your possessions.

Firstly, we evaluate the type, material, and intricacy of the furniture piece.

Based on our assessment, we craft a plan for effective disassembly, ensuring the furniture undergoes minimal strain.

With the plan in place, we execute the disassembly, employing the most suitable and legitimate tools.

Every step of the process is meticulously documented, aiding in a smooth reassembly service later on, ensuring the original condition is retained even if the item retail cost was high.

Packaging and Transport
Once disassembled, especially for those who frequently shop for new items and are mindful of the first item retail cost, we pack the furniture securely and transport it to your chosen destination.

Upon reaching the destination, we offer our reassembly service, ensuring the furniture’s accurate setup based on our detailed documentation and usage of legitimate tools.

Why Choose Pro-Handy for Furniture Disassembly?

We Pro-Handy, we bring a combination of experience, expertise, and dedication to every job we undertake. 


Quick and efficient service, saving your time and minimizing disruption.

Quality Products

Trusted by numerous satisfied clients for our professionalism and dedication.

Customer Satisfaction

Maintenance of the integrity and value of your furniture.

FAQ for Furniture Disassembly

Our service encompasses disassembling your furniture, secure packaging for transport, transportation to your chosen location, and reassembly. We also offer furniture restoration and refinishing services as an additional offering.

We are equipped to handle various residential and commercial furniture. This includes but is not limited to sofas, beds, wardrobes, office desks, conference tables, and specialized or antique furniture.

Absolutely. We offer a Custom Disassembly service designed explicitly for valuable, antique, or complex pieces of furniture. Our expert handypersons are trained to handle these items with the utmost care and precision.

The timeframe for disassembly varies depending on the complexity and quantity of furniture pieces. After an initial assessment, we will provide an estimated completion time for your specific needs.

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